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our Hannah Help grants or through mutual friendship.

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BRUNO'S GYM is a family run business that has been serving Market Harborough for many years and has built a reputation for quality and it's down-to-earth friendly atmosphere. We are not a 'clone' gym like many around these days with no atmosphere, far from it, if you want a good workout in unique 'old school' style surroundings then look no further. A real gym for real people! We have a wide range of resistance machines, cardiovascular equipment and free weights to cater for all your training needs. If you would like to be a healthier, fitter, leaner and stronger you, you're sure to find that Bruno's will meet your needs. Bruno's family, with pride at its heart!



Freedom Support Solutions offer our clients a bespoke range of day support to adults with a learning disability and mental health problems. We provide activities that promote social inclusion for groups that have found themselves at times excluded. We are based in Market Harborough, close to the town centre. This has enabled us to provide a variety of support to our client’s accessing local community facilities. These include the Leisure Center, library, local shops, job center, allotment, volunteering and work experiences.

AJ Doyle Photography was established in January 2014 and is based near Lutterworth, Leicestershire. We cater for all kinds of events from Children’s Parties right through to Weddings. Being so close to three counties, Leicestershire, Warwickshire and Northamptonshire it gives us a larger community to serve, also meaning travel is no issue.




Angels Goal

Our goal is to mentor, educate and inspire all children and young adults with the necessary life-long skills and courage to take action against becoming the victim of bullying in their schools, sporting clubs, workplaces and the broader community.


Angels Goal Mission

Angels Goal mission is to promote awareness of, and aid in the prevention of, bullying against children and young adults, where they may be.

We are always looking for sponsors , donation or volunteers here at Hab . Without support we would no longer be able to offer our Hannah Help grants . Every single penny really does help . Check out our Hannah Help letter page to see where donations go !

hannah's help grants

Hannah Smith sadly took her life because of cyber bullying. She was only 14 . Deeply missed but never forgotten . 

This page is dedicated to her memory and for us all to remember her .

We will be raising awareness of cyberbullying and bullycide in Hannah's name and also all of those that have sadly took their lives. 


Hannah's Help is a our grants here at HAB. People who are going through bullying can fill out an application for funding. This may include , counselling, team building , classes , travel expenses and more 

please click on the link to go to our site set up in memory of Hannah and her legacy.You can apply directly for a grant from there.

Here at HAB we are constantly fund raising for Hannah's Help grants for young people.
It may seem that we fill your feed up sometimes with all of our events but heres why ....
Since launching Hannh's Help in memory of Hannah Smith we have given out many grants .
We have worked closely with Market harborough Anarchy Kickboxing Academy and this has proved a popular grant offering 5 months of lessons. Anarchy promote self esteem , respect and embrace and treat everyone equally .

We have also given our grants to two youth clubs one here in Market Harborough The Cube Youth and also one supported by the mayor and wife in lutterworth.
Our school uniforms have also been a much need resource with young people getting essential school items .
We have paid for after school clubs including music , swimming and karate.
A grant for team building activity was also granted last year.

We continue to refer young people through our grants to a local counsellor here in Market Harborough which we fund six sessions for at a cost of £240 per young person.

Our grants have also included touch pads, a phone , bike, and a cooker for a young mother who was going through bullying .
We are so proud of how far each of the recipents of our grants have come and would like to thank each and everyone of you for your support. Without it we could not offer these young people support.

Where some of your donations have  helped.

This year we have been busy raising funds for our grant scheme Hannah's Help .

£500 was given to The Cube youth centre in Market Harborough

£500 to A lutterworth youth club

£1000 plus Has been used for counselling ( 4 young people )

£300 on school uniforms .

£250 After school club

£300 on confidence building.

£1200 on samaritan training .

£600 on training courses .

£240 to Anarchy kick boxing

£250 on private donations

First aid training for 4 of the team

clothes h/h





the origins of hab- a founders story



HAB Antibullying began life nearly four years ago after my sons bullying had become too much to bear.


He has Aspergers Syndrome and other difficulties and had always been a target for the bullies, but in 2011, during the National Antibullying week, he was set upon by three students at his then school. They physically assaulted him and I had had enough.


My first course of action was to use social media and create a page for people from the local area to join and show their support against bullying.


Before I knew it, a website, a huge Facebook following and support from our local media. A second website was soon developed and running and I haven’t looked back since.


HAB along with my carefully selected committee and team are continuing to grow, we offer support, advice and guidance to all those suffering bullying and the wider effects bullying causes.


We help those of primary school age all the way through to those being victimised in the workplace.


HAB are proud to offer talks to schools and organisation on what to do if your being bullied to how to stay safe on line. Our talks have always been recieved brilliantly and we have worked with some lovely schools.


Our website and service offers guidance concerning all aspects of bullying and also the associated problems it brings. After Hannah’s passing, her family approached us for support and since have kindly helped in our recent fundraising events.


These events combined with our other events and donations raised by our supporters have resulted in enough funds to enable us to apply and hopefully soon achieve charity status.


This will enhance what we are able to currently offer to those being victimised and we have exciting plans in the pipeline.


Hannah’s Help is our grant scheme in memory of this lovely girl. It allows us to help financially towards such activities as team and confidence building exercises, after school clubs and travel opportunities for those that have been left deeply affected by their bullying experiences.

Continued growth and expansion, along with associations with other local and national organisations, will ensure that our message that you do not need to suffer in silence, will hopefully be heard.



11 year old Ben was having a tough time so he took matters into his own hands and has written this to put around school.
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