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About US: The sole purpose behind Harborough Against Bullying has always been to offer help, support and advice to those that have / are going through bullying in their lives .


The objectives of H.A.B are:

To provide support and advice to those who have / are suffering at the hands of bullies;
To be a confidential voice for those needing help;
To strive for a change in policies in  schools and the  work place.

Marie Connor( formally known as King)

Founder of  H.A.B-Midlands






Phone: 07432476339



Extensive experience in self harming, depression, eating disorders, suicidal tendencies, Bipolar disorder, disabilites , adhd and addiction. 

Extensive experience in all aspects of bullying and the laws and policies .


Handling challenging contacts,awareness of self harm and Suicide , SAMARITANS training .


Certificate in awareness of domestic violence including the impact on children and young people v2


Certificate in Safeguarding Children from Abuse by Sexual Exploitation v2

Certificate in Safeguarding Everyone - Protecting Children, Young People and Adults at Risk V2


Certificate in Equailty and Diveristy level 2


NSPCC Child Protection Awareness certificate


NSPCC Preventing Bullying Behaviour certificate


Safeguarding Vulnerable Adults certificate


Child pyschology


client handling .


safe handling of medicines .Distinction


Health and Safety certificate


Emergency first aid certificate 


Level 2 food and safety and hygiene , city and guilds accredited



Exploring the Dynamics of Domestic Abuse training. Womens Aid.


Customer service level 2


Certificate in supervisory Management .



Debbie Willett




Position :TEAM 

NSPCC Child Protection Awareness certificate


Safeguarding Vulnerable Adults certificate



Handling challenging contacts,awareness of self harm and Suicide , SAMARITANS training .


Lorriane Johnson


Position : TEAM






Experience :

Handling challenging contacts,awareness of self harm and Suicide , SAMARITANS training .


NSPCC Child Protection Awareness certificate


Safeguarding Vulnerable Adults certificate

EDI Level 2 NVQ Health & Social Care

        EDI Level 2 Certificate in the Managing & Safe Handling of Medicines

        Plus 2 years worth of other Care related workshops

Jamie Pryor


 Position: General officer


Certificate in Equailty and Diveristy level 2


C.R.B . Current .


Committee member.


First aider


Email :

Amy Davis 




All certification can be shown on courses/qualifications we have,please ask . We also refer anyone who asks to a qualified counsellor who is independent of HAB.

 Confidentiality Policy

1. Introduction
Confidentiality is one of the most fundamental ethical obligations owed by volunteers and counsellors to their clients. A confidentiality policy is necessary to protect clients, employees, and volunteers from the possibility of information about them being passed on to individuals or organisations who have no right to that information. It is also important to provide guidance to employees and volunteers on the extent to which confidentiality is to be preserved, circumstances in which it may be breached, and measures to be taken in either eventuality.

2. General Confidentiality Statement
2.1. All HAB volunteers are expected to respect the right of clients and of other volunteers to privacy and confidentiality as far as possible within the constraints of legal requirements and the safety of other people.
2.2. It is a basic right of a client to know the extent and limitations of the confidentiality that they are being offered by their therapist, and to be told the circumstances in which the therapist may wish to breach confidentiality. The client should be given the opportunity to discuss this with the volunteer at the outset of the work together.

2.3. Where it is thought necessary to pass on information to another individual or organisation this will be on a strictly 'need to know' basis. The consent of the person about whom the information is to be passed on will be sought if at all possible, and that person will be informed that the information has been passed on and to whom it has been passed, preferably in writing, unless the client is in danger of harming themselves or somebody else.
2.4. This policy covers not only information given deliberately by the person concerned, or by other people about the person, but also information acquired accidentally or through observation.

3. Duty of care
HAB owes a duty of care to the users of its services. It may therefore be necessary to breach confidentiality where a client is acting, or likely to act, in a way that could cause serious harm to him/her, or put others at risk of harm.
HAB also owes a more general duty of care towards members of the public. It may be necessary to inform the police or statutory authorities where there is the possibility of serious risk to a particular person or persons, or to the public in general.

HAB volunteers share with all citizens a duty of care towards minors and people whose mental or physical condition makes them particularly vulnerable. If HAB volunteers know or suspect that a child or vulnerable adult is being sexually or physically abused, the Child Protection Unit of social services (or NSPCC, or other social services team in the case of an older person, or person with learning difficulties) must be informed.
3.1. Giving information to the police, social services, or the NSPCC
This should preferably be achieved with the knowledge of the person concerned and their co-operation. It is expected that the issue will be discussed beforehand with a senior HAB supervisor, especially in circumstances where the person concerned is unwilling to co-operate or where the risk to others is too great for this to be advisable or possible.
Reviewed: October 2013
Next review: October 2014

Our constitution.

                                   Our Constitution.


Harboroughagainstbullying incorporating Harboroughagainstbullying-Midlands.



The objectives of our organisation are to offer support, advice and guidance for those who are suffering, or that have suffered bullying in their lives.


      Membership to our organisation is free, and shall remain so, and is for life.

      Exclusion from membership is to be decided by our committee and can be

      revoked in any situation whereby a member has brought the group into disrepute,

      or openly defamed the organisation.



      Our committee is to be elected by our founder and will consist of persons from

      our list of members.

      Persons will be elected or co-opted due to their skills, knowledge, experience and

      capabilites. If a committee member stands down a replacement will be sought


      If a committee member is deemed to have acted inappropriately, or their actions

      have brought the group into disrepute, or they have defamed the group, the

      remaining committee and the founder will decide upon the remedial action.

      Named individuals, or officers, will carry out appointed tasks under the

      appropriate job title, for example, treasurer, secretary, etc.



      Meetings of the organisation and committee will take place when required with

      a minimum of one per year to be classed as an Annual General Meeting (AGM).

      Meetings will be covered , and presided over by the committee, at the relevant

      times and for specific reasons.


      If a member feels reason to, and wishes to call for a meeting, they are required to

       approach a committee member or the founder and request said meeting, stating

       their reasons or concerns.


          All monies raised by or for the group, by its members or by outside benefactors,

      will be accounted for and banked by the Treasurer, deposited under a stated

      account name.

      All income and expenditure is to be recorded by the Treasurer and a once a year

      audit will take place by an independent accountant.

      Finances and monies raised are to be made knowledge to all committee members.

      Expenditure is to be approved by the committee with the Treasurer presiding over

      all monies.


      As any organisation may grow and expand, amendments to our constitution may

      occur and are to be determined by our committee, and, on occasion  the rest of

      the membership.

     A general meeting would be called to instigate any constitutional amendments.

     Dissolution , if ever deemed necessary, would be decided by, and presided over

   by, the committee members. Should such situation arise, all members would be

     informed before such meeting take place.








Below are supporters of Hab and also people that we endorse either


our Hannah Help grants or through mutual friendship.

Please fill out our

contact form if you would like to be advertised and why.

BRUNO'S GYM is a family run business that has been serving Market Harborough for many years and has built a reputation for quality and it's down-to-earth friendly atmosphere. We are not a 'clone' gym like many around these days with no atmosphere, far from it, if you want a good workout in unique 'old school' style surroundings then look no further. A real gym for real people! We have a wide range of resistance machines, cardiovascular equipment and free weights to cater for all your training needs. If you would like to be a healthier, fitter, leaner and stronger you, you're sure to find that Bruno's will meet your needs. Bruno's family, with pride at its heart!



Freedom Support Solutions offer our clients a bespoke range of day support to adults with a learning disability and mental health problems. We provide activities that promote social inclusion for groups that have found themselves at times excluded. We are based in Market Harborough, close to the town centre. This has enabled us to provide a variety of support to our client’s accessing local community facilities. These include the Leisure Center, library, local shops, job center, allotment, volunteering and work experiences.

AJ Doyle Photography was established in January 2014 and is based near Lutterworth, Leicestershire. We cater for all kinds of events from Children’s Parties right through to Weddings. Being so close to three counties, Leicestershire, Warwickshire and Northamptonshire it gives us a larger community to serve, also meaning travel is no issue.




Angels Goal

Our goal is to mentor, educate and inspire all children and young adults with the necessary life-long skills and courage to take action against becoming the victim of bullying in their schools, sporting clubs, workplaces and the broader community.


Angels Goal Mission

Angels Goal mission is to promote awareness of, and aid in the prevention of, bullying against children and young adults, where they may be.

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