Bullying and Harassment at work

What can you do if you are being bullied at work ?


Sometimes bullying and harassment are not clear and people are unsure whether or not they are being treated acceptably .


Here are some things to consider..


Has the management frame changed recently?Some times their are teething problems and adjustments to be made ..


is there and organisational standards of behaviour that you can read?

Have you been able to share your concerns with any management or supervisors?


Have you got a union?


If you have tried these and still feel you are being bullied or harrased , here is a list of action you can take .


* Keep a record of all incidents , dates , times and anyone that also witnessed your feelings or treatment .

* Speak to the person , tell them what they are doing and how they are making you feel . If you can not speak to them is their someone you do trust that could?

*Write to them but do keep a copy.


* Make a formal complaint . Follow your employer's procedures in doing so . All companies have to have one .


* If none of these have worked or you feel that you need another way to tackle the bullying you may want to consider legal action.

If you make a claim to a employment tribunal , the tribunal will have expected you to have tried to resolve the problem with your employer first.


***Please be aware you have had to work for your employer 12 months before you can claim for constructive unfair dismissal .

How to spot a bully in your workplace
If you have a serial bully on the staff they will reveal themselves by their department showing excessive rates of:-

  • staff turnover
  • sickness absence
  • stress breakdowns
  • deaths in service
  • ill-health retirements
  • early retirements
  • uses of disciplinary procedures
  • grievances initiated
  • suspensions
  • dismissals
  • uses of private security firms to snoop on employees
  • litigation including employment tribunals or legal action against employees

 Here is a link to acas, where you can down load an advice leaflet .





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Angels Goal

Our goal is to mentor, educate and inspire all children and young adults with the necessary life-long skills and courage to take action against becoming the victim of bullying in their schools, sporting clubs, workplaces and the broader community.


Angels Goal Mission

Angels Goal mission is to promote awareness of, and aid in the prevention of, bullying against children and young adults, where they may be.

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